A Christmas Newborn Shoot

Oh what fun it was to design props for this Christmas newborn shoot. This little guy arrived just in time to take full advantage of Christmas trees, lights, and all the rich greens and reds that come with the holidays. Enjoy!

Hueco Tanks - Nov 3rd, 2017

I do the work that I do so I can hang out with cool people in beautiful places. So my gig with Sessions Climbing and Guiding last Friday was an absolute joy from start to finish. I followed a group of friends from Austin as they climbed and scrambled over the world famous (in climbing circles) boulders of Hueco Tanks

Hueco Tanks is an ancient gathering place, a geological oddity, and a sacred space to the indigenous people of west Texas. It was a real honor to photograph it, and I hope to be going back soon.

Enjoy the photos!